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台湾支店 盧育辛 (LuLu)

■盧 育辛 LuLu
■出身:台湾(台北) (台灣台北人) Taipei, Taiwan
■趣味:ブログ、ドラマ、エクセル (部落格、追劇、Excel) blog, drama, Excel

経歴 (經歷) Career

I worked in Taiwan’s large-scale Japanese study abroad talent service business.

I started to learn Japanese because I like Japanese culture. My usual interest is to write articles on my blog, watch some dramas, and at work, I like to study how to make Excel tables more convenient.

I am currently discussing with various companies in the Taiwan branch, to help bring Taiwan’s superior products and services into the Japanese market.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.