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  • We support various activities and companies in order to expand Japanese Nursing care and Nursing care peripheral businesses to Taiwan and further to Asia through Taiwan.

  • Active in Taiwan from 2016. Having a Taiwan branch, we are familiar with the culture and customs of both Japan and Taiwan, and the nursing care situation.

  • We also support the expansion from Japan to Taiwan and the expansion from Taiwan to Japan.

  • Starting with the management office of the Japan-Taiwan Nursing care Industry Exchange Summit, which has continued since 2017 and then we are also focusing on industry-government-academia exchange activities such as government-affiliated events, tours / training tours, and business meetings.


Support for Japanese and Taiwanese companies

We support the overseas expansion and alliances of Japan-Taiwan Nursing care and Nursing care peripheral businesses.

  • Support for expansion of Japanese Nursing care business and peripheral services into Taiwan and Asia
  • Supporting Taiwanese companies to advance into the Japanese Nursing care / healthcare industry
  • Introduction of appropriate partner companies, business strategy planning, sales support, etc.
  • Solution for Japanese companies using services and products from Taiwan and Asia

Overseas expansion of Japanese Nursing care

Expansion of Japanese Nursing Care to Taiwan and Asia

  • Various support for Taiwanese and Asian companies to adopt Japanese Nursing care.
  • We support the establishment of concept planning, hardware design, service design, human resources education, etc. according to the local situation.
  • Solution, consulting and advisory business for Nursing care companies in Taiwan and Asia

Exchange business between Japan and Taiwan / Asia

We support the development of business from industry-government-academia exchange through the Nursing care business.

  • Exchange events, business meetings, etc., including the Japan-Taiwan Long-term Care Industry Exchange Summit.
  • Nursing care inspection tours in Japan, Taiwan, Asia, etc. and holding of dementia Café, etc.
  • Nursing care training planning, instructor arrangements, specialized interpreting / translation contracting business, etc.
  • Exchange meetings with Japanese and Taiwanese managers, government officials, researchers, etc.


Taiwan / Overseas Business