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Business for accepting overseas human resources (specific skills workers)

  • We would like to provide overseas human resources at reasonable prices to small and medium-sized nursing care providers.

    We often hear from small and medium-sized nursing care companies that “I’m interested in overseas human resources, but I don’t understand well and it’s expensive after all.”

    We have realized the introduction fee of 200,000 yen by directly introducing from overseas affiliated schools and institutions.

  • As a registration support organization, we support companies that have hired overseas human resources!

  • Consultations from industries other than nursing care providers are also welcome.


The purpose of accepting overseas human resources is

By hiring overseas human resources, it will be the solution of labor shortage, reduce the turnover rate, and improve the quality of services.

  • Having overseas human resources with almost no risk of turnover will solve the shortage of human resources. In addition, recruitment costs can be reduced.
  • By reducing the number of staff changes, it is possible to reduce training costs that are difficult to see and it leads to stable and improved quality of service.

Why “Specified Skill Workers”?

This is the first epoch-making system in Japan to give “ordinary workers” a “status of residence”, albeit with some conditions.

  • Japan’s working population is steadily decreasing

    Labor shortage is a big problem!
  • Expectations for overseas human resources. Measures such as EPA and status of residence “Nursing care”

    The conditions are strict and the number of people does not increase!
  • International students and technical intern trainees are active in the unskilled labor market!

    Labor is not the original purpose and there are lots of problems!!
  • Let’s recognize the status of residence that allows to work as a worker in 14 fields that require certain skills!

    “Specified Skills Wroker Visa” start in April 2019

  • In principle, you can work in Japan for 5 years (and more depending on the conditions).
  • The worker has passed the Japanese language test (N4 level) and skill test (for nursing care industry ,nursing care exam in Japanese and technical nursing care ) in advance, he has an understanding of the industry.
  • At the same time as being assigned, it is possible to convert the number of nursing care insurance personnel (even though technical intern trainees start after half a year)

Benefits of hiring overseas human resources at HUMAN LINK

HUMAN LINK is a company that started with the desire to deliver overseas human resources to small and medium-sized business establishments that are supporting Nursing care in Japan.

  • Hiring costs are low! 200,000 yen / person
    It will cost about 70,0000 to 800,000 yen for technical intern trainees. This price is actualized because we will introduce you directly from affiliated schools and institutions from Indonesia, Myanmar, and Philippine without going through brokers.
  • Secure hardworking and honest staff who will not quit easily
    Not only do they want to any work in Japan
    but they are also the one who choose the industry of Nursing care since they were in their own country and also have taken a specific skill test, so there are many people who are hardworking and honest.


Generous flow

This is a flow for human resources living overseas. For human resources residing in Japan (such as changing the status of residence from an international student or technical intern trainee), can be shortened to some extent.

  • The part marked with is the process that the host company will take the initiative in.
  • It may takes 3 months at the earliest and 5-6 months on average from the submission of the job offer to the entry into Japan.
    The above is when a person who have a specified skill certificate and already at a partner school.
    For the one who doesn`t have specified skill certificate and non-Japanese may takes about 6-10 months to pass a qualification for a specific skill.
  • We recommend you to decide when to join the company, such as April and October, and hire them systematically and regularly.
  • 01.
    Contract with HUMAN LINK

  • 02.
    Submit Job Vacancies

  • 03.
    Recruitment in each country

  • 04.


    ※The Actual cost is required for local interview
  • 05.

    Job offer notification

  • 06.
    .Contract, Preparation of application documents, etc.

    ※ Our company actually creates it, but it is necessary to submit various materials.
  • 07.

    Job offer notification

  • 08.
    Application for status of residence to Immigration of Bureau of Japan

  • 09.
    Preparation of dormitories, etc

  • 10.
    Certification of status of residence

  • 11.
    Confirmed entry date and introducing fee payment

  • 12.

    Orientation and Traning etc



For human resources residing in Japan, the replacement cost may be cheaper. In addition, an actual cost will be charged for infection control measures such as when quarantine is required at the time of entry.

Initial cost * The replacement amount (approximate amount) can be collected.
Introducing fee
200,000 yen per person
Advance payment* Collected by payroll
deduction, etc.
  • ・Air ticket, PCR inspection fee, etc.
    50,000-100,000 yen / person
  • ・Living expenses up to the first payday
    180 -200,000 yen / person
  • ・Dormitory, dormitory facilities, etc. * 1
    150,000-170,000 yen / room
About 600,000-700,000 yen
*1 Estimated with the Rent 28,000Yen, Deposit and key money for 1 month, equipment purchase 10,0000yen

Running Cost
Registration support agency monthly support fee *2
30,000 per person
*2 When the host company accepts overseas specified skill workers, it need to submit a huge amount of application documents and advance guidance described in the follow, provides a consultation system in the native language after joining the company, provides opportunities such as training, reports to the government, etc. You can entrust the work by contracting with a registration support organization.


Overseas affiliated schools / institutions

HUMAN LINK introduces human resources directly from overseas affiliated schools . For companies that are uneasy, we also set up a meeting with the person in charge at the affiliated school.