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For Nursing care business
Solution business

  • Please contact us if you have any problems in the long-term care business.

  • We also operate “FOOD SELECT” where you can select and order multiple food distribution companies.


Product sales, training, etc.

We provide training, services, and goods to solve problems in long-term care business management.

  • We propose the most suitable products by combining products from Japan and overseas.
  • We offer products that meet the needs of Nursing care providers, such as BCP-compatible sets and goods sets required for dormitories for overseas human resources.
  • We can provide training projects that connect domestic and overseas companies at low cost.



We operate a food distribution ordering site for Nursing care providers that allows you to select and order meals from multiple food distribution companies (frozen and chilled).

  • Due to technological improvements, frozen and chilled ingredients have become delicious. FOOD SELECT expands the enjoyment of meals!
  • Easy order. Just select a food distribution company and enter the number of meals. It’s easy even for a long-term care worker.
  • We can stably deliver high quality and safe meals.


Other Solution