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Workshare Partage

  • This is a BtoB human resources matching site where employees from other industries can be rented and transferred to a long-term care company.

  • You can work for a while at the receiving corporation (long-term care company) without changing the employment contract with the sending corporation.

  • The sending corporation can be recalled when necessary. The accepting corporation (long-term care company) can accept various human resources when needed.


Workshare Salon is ?

“Corporation who care about their employees but cannot provide sufficient work” and “Employees who want to play an active role but have no work” connecting to “the long-term care industry suffering from labor shortages” .
It is a service that you can earn while contributing to society .

Employer company (sending corporation)

  • Protect the employment of important employees!
  • You can recall it when you need it!
  • It is possible to cover salary expenses with outsourcing fees!


  • You don’t have to quit your current workplace! You can earn until you get back to your original job.
  • Many of our customers 10 years from now are the elderly people. You can learn about services for the elderly.
  • You can earn money while contributing to society in your free time, and you will be grateful for it, which will improve your motivation!

Nursing care establishment (accepting corporation)

  • It can be expected to solve the chronic labor shortage.
  • It will be a stimulus to the site from other industries.
  • It will lead to reduction of recruitment cost!


Flow of Consignment

  • 01.Corporate membership registration

    The employer company is registered as a “sending corporation member”.
    Nursing care providers are registered as “accepting corporate members”.

  • 02.Sending worker registration / Job registration

    The sending corporation member registers the employee as a “sending worker”.
    The receiving corporation member registers the nursing care establishment as a “accepting establishment” and posts the job offer.

  • 03.Job application

    The sending worker searches for a job that suits him and applies. The host office will contact you regarding the interview schedule.
    * Hourly wage (amount) information will not be posted to the sending worker. But sending corporation members can view it.

  • 04.Interview / Pass / Fail

    The sending worker interviewed by the receiving office by ZOOM, video call, face-to-face, etc. In principle, we will tell you the pass or fail on the spot.

  • 05. Sending business consignment contract / notice

    By the first work day, the following will be implemented starting from the host corporation member.

    When there is no contract with the host corporation member of the host business
    business consignment contract will delivered and receipt of notice for the relevant worker.
    If you already have a contract with the host corporation member of the host business , received the notice for the relevant worker.


Usage fee

Accepting corporate member

Outsourcing fee
Hourly wages worked by sending workers x working hours / month
Payment for each sending corporate member
Partage usage fee
Outsourcing fee / month × 5%
Partage membership fee
Number of registered accepting businesses × 1,000 yen / month

Sending corporate member

Outsourcing fee / month × 5%
Partage membership fee
Number of registered accepting businesses x 1,000 yen / month