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事業企画室  メイトウ二エインチャン(MAY THU NYEIN CHAN)

■My Name is May. I'm from Myanmar. 
■I was graduated from foreign languages university in Myanmar specializing Japanese Language.
I was really interested in Japan and in the otherwise I would like to make use of the language that I studied.
I started deciding to work in Japan while I was studying Japanese Language. 
■I like travelling and watching blogs in you tube.
After getting a job in recruitment center 、engaged in introducing human resources (engineers, interpreters, IT human resources) from Myanmar to Japanese companies, 
visa application support, translator / interpreter. On the union side, engaged as a person in charge of Myanmar by supporting technical intern trainees 
(visa application, consultation support, translation / interpretation, etc.). 

After that, I became interested in supporting foreigners and joined HUMAN LINK. 
Currently, we are introducing foreigners with specific skills to nursing care facilities. 
We provide various support as a flow after joining the company from visa application support for specific skills.
 We will continue to support foreigners so that they can spend their time in Japan without any problems in terms of work and life.

We will introduce better human resources according to customer needs. 
We will support you from the introduction of human resources to the flow after joining the company. Please contact us if you are interested. 🌻